Ce poți face în 13 secunde cu vocea ta?

Ce poți face în 13 secunde cu vocea ta?

Aveți mai jos un exemplu foarte… ritmat (Karmin (cover) – Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes) de exercițiu de dicție care combină patru elemente importante: viteza, pronunția, ritmul și respirația.

Ascultă cu atenție de la minutul 1:16 -1:29. E de încercat acasă! 🙂

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  • laura Posted 08/10/2011 08:59


  • Dragos Posted 20/12/2011 16:50

    everytime I come a n-gga gotta set it then I got it going
    then I get it, than I blow, than I shudder every little thing
    that he be doing cause it doesnt matter cause I’m gonna dadadadada
    then I’m gonna murder every thing and anything a badaboom a badabing
    I gotta do a lot of things, and make it clearer to a couple n-ggas
    that I’m always winning and I gotta get it again and again and again
    and I be doing it to death and now I move a little foul
    a n-gga better call a, everybody know my style
    and everybody know I’m the the baddest
    when I come to doing this and Im banging on my chest
    and I bang in the east and I bang in the west
    and I come to give you more and I never give you less
    you will hear it in the street or you can read it in the press
    do you really wanna know whats next, lets go
    see the way we on, we be all up in the race and you know
    we gotta go, don’t try to keep up with the pace
    we struggling and hustling and sending in and getting in
    and always gotta take it to another place
    gotta taste it and I gotta grab it
    and I gotta cut all throught his traffic
    just to be at the top of the throne
    better know I gotta have it

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