The story of, a diction app for Gen Z

The story of, a diction app for Gen Z

Carmen Ivanov, a well-known radio anchorperson and trainer, launched the first Romanian mobile diction app, an extension of the website of the same name. BR dove deeper to find out more about the idea and the process behind it.

When did your passion for diction first start?

It came along with my passion for radio, because my first job was in the radio business. It’s the place where, for the first time, I heard my voice in headsets and I realized that, besides a good voice, impeccable diction from pronunciation to intonation was also extremely important.

You are the first person in the Romanian media to place so much importance on diction. How have you paved the road for others?

Once I started to teach diction at the Center for Independent Journalism and the Television School, I found that there was a real need for diction training. There are hundreds of classes for public speaking out there, but very few of them offer diction in such a way as to help one speak in public. Why me and not somebody else? This is a question I never asked myself before, but I realized that one day someone would write, for example, the first diction manual in Romania. Or create the first interactive diction audiobook, the one with a very hard to pronounce name: “Sase sasi in sase saci” (Six Saxons of Transylvania in six bags)

How did you succeed in making the diction “sexy” for the crowd?

The majority of those who come to diction courses want to speak better, either in public, or at the radio or TV. Anybody wants to enjoy the five minutes of celebrity, or maybe even more minutes, if they get a permanent job in a mass-media institution. That means that in order to reach the celebrity status first of all you have to be perfect when it comes to diction. It’s absolutely necessary to pass through a diction training before. Moreover, my methods of teaching are interactive and based on the experiential learning, therefore is kind of impossible to get bored at my classes.

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  • Tommy Posted 05/10/2021 17:55

    As a German, that sentence offends me. 😀 haha

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